Gerald McBoing-Boing (G) / The Boy With Green Hair (PG)

Gerald McBoing-Boing

Considered by some to be the “best cartoon ever made”, this witty, lively and charming film follows the adventures of a little boy who can say nothing but “Boing!” Academy award winning short, written by the legendary Dr. Suess.
U.S. / 1950 / 8mins

The Boy With Green Hair

This haunting parable presents the story of an American war orphan whose hair mysteriously turns green.

Producer Howard Hughes screamed at its young star to tone down the pacifist message. Director Joseph Losey was consequently blacklisted and moved to Europe. Yet, the film endures as a forgotten triumph.

A beautiful, wise and engaging movie for the whole family.

And, the debut of Eden Ahbez’s wonderful song, Nature Boy.
U.S. / 1948 /82mins

Sunday 9th October, 11.00am