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Planet Of The Apes (PG)


Forget the bogus remakes and reboots, this is the real deal and the best example of that very rare breed – an intelligent, provocative blockbuster.
Once deemed to be un-filmable, Pierre Boulle’s literate satire La Planète des Singes, or Monkey Planet was retooled by Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling into a big screen/family-friendly meditation on the innate pitfalls of human nature.
Dopey Hollywood producer Dick Zanuck thankfully thought he was making ‘just a kid’s movie with apes in it’ – otherwise it’s doubtful the film would actually ever have been made.
Thoughtful, exciting and with perhaps the most iconic finale in cinema – Planet of the Apes looks magnificent on the big screen for kids and adults alike. 112 mins. Showing Sunday 30 November 11am.

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