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Saltwater Dreamings. Indigenous Animations from the Yanyuwa PG



The Dreamings from the Saltwater Country (Narnu-Yuwa ki Anthaa) (2010) 4mins

The Groper (a-Kuridi) (2012) 22mins

Purdiwan (Pretty One) (2014) 1min

The Sea Turtle and the Osprey (Wundanyuka kulu Jujuju) (2011) 11mins

A unique and enthralling series of animated songlines brought to the big screen for the first time. The Yanyuwa people of the Northern Territory present their encyclopaedic knowledge of Australia’s eco-biology, history and traditions in these vital and engaging animated films. Captivating tales beautifully told. Showing Friday 28 November. Session begins 7pm.

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