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The Wicker Man: The Final Cut (M)


Now considered an icon of British cinema, The Wicker Man was butchered for its original 1973 release due to commercial pressures and studio political infighting. Legend holds that mythical ‘lost’ scenes were used as landfill in the M4 motorway and cineastes worldwide have mourned the loss for decades. After an extensive and extended restoration campaign, July 2013 heralded the discovery of a pristine and complete print languishing in the Harvard University Film Archive. Completely restored with the authorisation of director Robin Hardy, The Wicker Man is more compelling than ever, a vivid and dramatic depiction of old-world paganism in conflict with Christian mores.

Starring Christopher Lee as ‘Lord Summerisle’, Edward Woodward as ‘Sergeant Howie’ and Britt Ekland as village muse ‘Willow’. 

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